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Snowflakes Don't Wear Pants

"Snowflakes Don't Wear Pants" is a children's book that I made for my daughter. 

“Snowflakes Don’t Wear Pants” introduces a girl to her first talking snowflake - and one wearing pants, no less! We are reminded to not judge others and to appreciate our differences. “It’s quite a mistake to presume to know everything about one tiny snowflake.”

Everything started with the story, which was written quickly one night while traveling on business. I think I was bored and waiting for an episode of LOST (somewhat addicted to that show) to start when I sat down and started writing.

For my own amusement, I hired a fake Morgan Freeman to narrate the book for my daughter.


This is one of the final sketches of the main character. I still prefer pencil and paper. From there I can my work into Adobe Illustrator.

This is the "clean" version of the skwtch after I traced it in Adobe Illustrator. All of the lines are now "vector" which let me have more control over each and every stroke.

This is the fully colored main character. I really like texture applied to flat vector art. You can see that showing up everywhere in the hat, scarf, coat, and mittens.


"Some become snowmen or snow forts when they all get together...or snowballs...or slush balls...depending on the weather."

"Some hold hands while pressed to your windows."

"So you see my new friend that it's quite a mistake to pretend to everything about one tiny snowflake."