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Nübi is new to our planet and eager to learn all about color, music, hot, cold, and, well...everything! Your job is to teach Nübi all about our world.

Having two daughters, I've noticed that there is a gap in new toys that are both educational as well as fun to play with. Most "connected toys" these days involve using an iPad, iPhone, or other screen. As creative as these apps can be, my daughters "zone out" when looking at these devices.

Nübi was created out of a desire to provide something that inspires creativity in my kids, is technical in nature, but does not rely on screens. Using a magic flower and Nübicards, kids learn by teaching. You can teach Nübi color theory, music theory, and other STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) principles. For example, you can teach Nübi to glow blue and say "brrrrr" when it's cold outside. The way you engage with Nübi can be simple for younger ages and grow to complex programming skills for older kids.

Nübi was created with the support of my company, Slice of Lime. Many people rolled up their sleeves and helped with the form factor and electronics. For all of us, this was the first time building a toy and learning how to work with circuits, radios, and other complex technology. It was a blast.

Nübi is the proud winner of the DevelopHer Toy & Game Challenge which brought us to the Chicago Toy & Game Fair. We also got the attention of Gizmodo, who wrote a nice article on us here.

You can visit the main Nübi site here.